Dec 04 2012

7 Reasons College Students Should Intern at Startups

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  1. You’ll matter. Opposed to interns of larger companies, your voice will makes a huge impact. Maybe Rick is just really nice, but I feel like I play a key role at Dashfire. This not only makes me love working, but pushes me to work harder.
  2. You’ll accomplish things. Personally, I never want a job where my 9-5 consists of sitting at my desk pretending to work, g-chatting, or poking around on Facebook. Everyone has to work – why not do something you love? There are tons of startups these days, choose a promising one that you’re interested in. Interested in learning more about hospitality, sales and Chicago restaurants? Contact TableSAVVY. Love fashion, want to know more about e-commerce, and interested in being a student ambassador? Check out BucketFeet. Want to know more about startups? Contact Rick and he’ll help get you in touch with people you should be in touch with.
  3. You won’t do the same thing every day. At Dashfire, I’m given the power to be creative. Because of this, tasks that would otherwise seem tedious are less of a chore and more of a fun project that I’m excited about doing. For example, Dashfire’s top secret social media framework for our partners could have been really boring if I wasn’t a social media nerd and Rick didn’t let me be creative with it.
  4. You will learn, quickly. The hands-on aspect of working for a small company will do this for you, which is why I highly recommend internships at start ups for college students. Things are always changing and start ups must keep up. Though it can be stressful, I love the pace and love working under pressure.
  5. You’ll grow professionally. Working at start ups will allow you to get a taste of the “real world.” Even though I’m just an intern, I feel like I’ve learned things that most people don’t learn until their first full-time position. An intern’s role at a start up is much different than an intern’s role at a huge company in terms of responsibility. I’ve been thrown into situations that have been out of my comfort zone, forcing me to act like a professional. Scary but totally worth it.
  6. You will build strong relationships that will only help you in the future. Not only has Rick been an awesome boss, but also a great mentor for myself and college students. In addition to his own advice, he’s introduced me to people who have been really helpful as I begin to look for jobs. Working with people who are happy to help you find a job elsewhere says a lot about the company. I truly understand the power of a good network through working at Dashfire, with Rick, and in the Chicago tech community.
  7. Start ups will make you happy! If you love  high-energy environments filled with high-energy individuals who are really, really excited about what they’re doing and making you a part of it, you’re like me and you’ll love working at a start up. Promise.

Side Effects: After working at start ups, student will begin generating constant flow of new ideas that they are certain will be the next big thing; may develop addictions to WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest;  may experience feelings such as eagerness to work,  inability to turn off brain, and a strong urgency to graduate.


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