Nov 19 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things

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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens are awesome, but it’s 2012, this is what I’m jazzed about:

1. Just Because 

The Just Because app makes sending gifts to friends easy and inexpensive. Co-founder Matt Hartman has got to be the most generous guy in the world, having  founded Just Because for users to give the gift of startups. Download the app, register your card and voila! Send awesome gifts for $1. Packed with the hottest products and services on the market. For $1 you can send friends BucketFeetBirchBoxUber credit, JackThreads.. need I say more?

The catch? None. But, not only are Hartman and the Chicago-based gift-giving app revolutionizing generosity, it’s a startup’s BFF. Are you a new company trying to spread the word about the rad product or service you’ve created? Just Because will help you do that and (hopefully) turn recipients into customers.

2. BucketFeet: Desert Low/False Demin

Step 1: Make someone send you BucketFeet credit via Just Because, Step 2: Get a discount on Bucketfeet’s recent shoes, Desert Low and/or False Denim. Aren’t startups awesome?

Dashfire’s Partners and my favorite shoes company, BucketFeet, recently held a poll via Instagram to see which of these shoes people liked more. I couldn’t decide, and it seems no one else could either because now both are available for purchase (thank god). Designed by Co-founder Aaron Firestein on premium, super durable canvas, Desert Low and False denim are unlike any other of BucketFeet’s previous designs. So, if you haven’t jumped on the BucketFeet wagon yet, nows the time. Make sure to keep up with BucketFeet this holiday season, we’re expecting big things.



3. Venmo

As a college student, I’m sick of waiting for my friends go to to the ATM to pay me back and I think PayPal is sketchy. Therefore, I feel like I’m always short $10-$20 but never know what for..

Venmo is my saving grace. On top of being a way to make sure I get my money back, Venmo incorporates the fun that the money was spent on in the first place. I like to call it a social mobile payment app. It’s completely focused on it’s users; allowing friends to send payments along with personal notes through Facebook and Twitter at no cost. Whether it’s paying your friend rent, splitting a cab or bill, Venmo connects directly to your bank account. Sign up (you’ll probably be surprised at how many of your friends are already using it) and prepared to never get jipped again.


4. The Grainstack Wallet  

You know the paper clip that’s barely holding your cards, cash, and ID together right now? Ya, it’s time to replace that.  The guys who made Grainstack couldn’t deal with their paper clip wallets any longer, yet, like you, always craved a wallet with simplicity. Handmade in Colorado out of exotic wood, strapped tightly with a rubberband; Grainstack is sleek yet sophisticated. At only $20, it’s the perfect gift for the holidays, whether you’re buying it for yourself or a friend. Tons of people (including the Dashfire team!) have already made the switch to Grainstack, what are you waiting for?!


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