Jul 24 2012

Bucketfeet are sweet.

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I recently visited Jamaica where I met a local artist who’s name I don’t remember. After showing me some of his work, we got to chatting. He was passionate about his art, and confident that he’d be able to sell it overseas, but explained that he had no outlet to do so. I gave him my phone number and Facebook name, and even though I couldn’t have done anything to help at the time, it felt nice extending my contact info. Leaving Jamaica, I thought to myself what a shame it was that there are so many great artists around the world who may never get recognized.

Since working at Dashfire, Rick has introduced me to our partners at Bucketfeet, a company I would have loved to know about when I encountered my artist friend in Jamaica. Bucketfeet was created by Aaron Firestein and Raaja Nemani after meeting in Argentina and having an experience similar to the story I just told. Aaron was working as a photographer in Buenos Aries, but brought with him his passion: canvas shoes that he had been drawing on as a way to make extra cash in college. Raaja was volunteering in Buenos Aires and just beginning his trip around the world. Their artistic backgrounds and love of the world sparked an instant friendship and soon-to-be successful business. While abroad, Aaron and Raaja both recognized a problem: art connects people, yet there are very few platforms that make this connection worldwide.

The solution? Aaron’s canvas shoes. Passionate about their idea, Aaron and Raaja quit their jobs and founded Bucketfeet as a way to connect artists to people around the world, spread art in a creative way, and support local artists.

I’ve been helping out at Bucketfeet, where I’ve learned a different side of the startup world, one rooted in fashion and art with such strong cultural ties. I’m happy that Bucketfeet and Dashfire partnered, and look forward to working with Aaron, Raaja, Julia, Alana and Kyle.

If you’re interested in a side project this school year, Bucketfeet would love to chat with you. They’re currently looking for student Brand Ambassadors (on-campus and abroad) to promote the shoes, write blogs, post pictures, and brainstorm innovative ways to spread the word about Bucketfeet. It’s a fun way to help out a great cause, plus, you’ll get a free pair of Bucketfeet and a promotion code to give your friends. Contact Alana if you’re interested: alana@bucketfeet.com. Get your Bucketfeet here: Bucketfeet 

Already have a pair? Go you! Send a photo of you + your Bucketfeet to info@bucketfeet.com to be featured on the site.


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