Jan 15 2013

Facebook & Your Business Sitting in a Tree…

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K-I-S-S-I-N-G. But seriously. They’re a match made in heaven if business owner’s recognize the relationship’s potential.

The L.A. Times posted about a recent survey that states: “About 49% of women surveyed (and 43% of men) said they began watching a show because their Facebook friends were talking about it on the social network.”

Something tells me that this can be applied to more than just watching TV shows. It’s fact that word of mouth via Facebook is extremely influential on the choices people make. The first step, however, is getting those initial people talking about your brand. Here’s how:

1. Provide excellent customer service. Customers appreciate companies who provide them with easy, reliable, and effective ways to contact the company with questions, comments, concerns, whatever it may be. For example, LoClean is a new service, so they rely on acquiring customers and making sure they’ll return + tell their friends. They’ve got to do this by providing their first time customers with THE BEST service possible. How do they do it? With really, really quick responses…like weirdly quick responses. They’re easy to reach, and provides customer service that makes you feel like you’re having a conversation with someone who genuinely cares (because you are!) vs someone who wants your money. They’ve gone above and beyond by leaving complimentary gifts for their first customers and following up after the service. Result: Their customers talk about how awesome it was to use LoClean. Boom. LoClean gets new customers in addition to turning a first-timer into a life-long user.

2. Post creative and relevant content. You’ve got to provide your customers with more information than just the basics. You must understand your target market and tap into what they like. LoClean does a really great job of this, as does TableSAVVY, because both know their target market and what they like. People who love TableSAVVY are outgoing, spontaneous, fun-loving, food-loving Chicagoans. So, in addition to posting TableSAVVY updates via social media, the marketing team engages with followers by posting things they’d be interested in, i.e. weekend plans, new restaurants, blogs about their fav spots (even places that aren’t signed up with TS), easy-to-make recipes, etc. See for yourself here. Customers use TS to book and save on reservations, but also as their guide to city fun. Result: Customers share content, recommend it to their friends who will do the same, and the company’s user base expands exponentially.

In terms of using Facebook to it’s full advantage, you’ve got to get familiar with Facebook “Insights” if you aren’t already. It’s a great tool that provide business owners with useful information regarding:

1. Who’s visiting their page,

2. The types of content these visitors typically engage with,

3. The page’s reach across Facebook,

4. How to improve page’s performance.

In addition, you can build your audience by inviting email contacts, or creating and promoting an ad for very little cash. It’s an amazing tool that allows businesses to target the exact people they want, and if you’re following steps 1 and 2, they’ll stick around after you reach them.


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