Jan 11 2013

Finding a job

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Finding a job is much like getting an internship in terms of how to approach companies. That being said, the process of selecting which companies you’ll approach is something that takes much more time and work. As a college senior, I’m in that process. For people who have been in this position before, it’s frightening and exciting at the same time. For those currently in my position, here are a few things I’ve done that have helped me:

1. Network. With whoever. Anyone. LinkedIn is a great way to find companies and people to talk to, use it.

2. Get help with your resume and cover letter; make sure they are perfect before sending. I’ve also created a wordpress, which I attach to my resume and introductory email. It’s a good way to show more than just your credentials and shows initiative.

3. Don’t be shy! Reach out to everyone. The worst thing that could happen would be getting ignored.

4. Schedule phone calls, informational interviews, whatever it takes. Get your foot in the door and show your interested even if a company isn’t necessarily hiring.

5. Stay in touch. Follow up, and be creative in doing so. I had some very low-key interviews before the holidays and sent each person I met with a Chicago post card reading something along the lines of “Thanks for meeting with me, I’ll be in touch.” I have a friend who brought donuts with his resume. It sounds teacher’s pet-ish, but hey! Who doesn’t like donuts? No one.

Working towards a degree in communication studies has allowed me to be introduced to a lot of different aspects of communication that have each interested me in their own ways. Therefore, when it comes to choosing where I’d like to work, it’s important to first point out what I’d like to do.

Here’s what I know for sure:

1. I like public relations, advertising, and marketing and would be interested in a position that incorporates elements of each.

2. I’ve loved interning at startups, and definitely want to continue working for one. I categorize startups at companies that have launched within the past 5 years, so I’ll be looking for both new companies as well as established ones.

3. I enjoy writing and want a position that will allow me to continue writing as well as grow as a writer. Blogging is something that’s often taken for granted, yet is great way to gain a following. If people can relate to you via writing, they’ll have a deeper connection to the company.

4. I want to live in New York City, Chicago, or possibly San Francisco. According a recent article in Businessweek, each of these cities are great places to live and are great for startups.

5. I must work for a company that I have faith in.

In preparation for graduation and finding the perfect job, I’ve been doing a lot of research on companies I’d want to work for. With the help of my Personal Board of Directors (Rick and some great people I’ve met through working in the startup world), I’ve had the opportunity to meet with several companies.

So, blog readers, this is the start of an “I like you” series that I hope to continue until I get hired. I’ll be writing about the job hunt, things I’ve experienced, what I’ve learned, etc etc etc. I’ll be featuring companies I like and you’ll probably definitely like, too.

Stay tuned.


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