Sep 12 2012

Gadgets: A Roast

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1. Apple TV

Normally I am a huge supporter of all things Apple, but this one thing I can’t seem to love. I got it for Christmas from my parents, who thought it was a great idea, “you can load all of your pictures on it, and when you have a party you can play a slideshow on your TV!”

I don’t want to sound ungrateful… but no…

Still, I gave it a shot thinking it would be cool to link my computer screen to my TV.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is not a feature. You have to have an HDMI cord, which isn’t compatible with my MacBook, and even if it was, my computer would be attached to a cord sitting next to my TV. Still hopeful it served some sort of purpose when I found out it could link to Netflix, disappoint struck again when I discovered the fine print: must have the best internet connection there ever was in order to watch movie. Last but not least: THAT LITTLE REMOTE! Like ok, you’re telling me Apple TV makes my TV a computer, but you make me use a 3×1 inch remote to operate it when I have a full keyboard sitting in front of me. And if you thought you lost your TV remote a lot….

2. Garmin GPS

I am sorry, Garmin, I know you were probably invented pre-iPhone’s amazing ‘Maps’ feature, which never fails, ever, but nonetheless, your time has passed.

3. Siri

For someone who grew up with a cellphone, Siri is a complete disaster. I don’t believe that voice command, no matter how perfect it’s designed, will ever work for our generation and the ones to follow. Typing things in our cell phones has become second nature, and, in many times, more efficient than asking someone for help, let alone Siri.

That being said, props to Apple for luring so many people in to the iPhone 4s with those awesome commercials that made Siri seem like a necessary tool for your existence.

4. iPhone chargers

It’s just like… why are you so short?

5. The Jaw Bone

I am guilty of buying this for my exboyfriend for Christmas. He pretended he liked it, which, looking back, was one of the nicer things he did in our relationship. Boom roasted. I don’t know what I thinking, but spending $200 on that, was definitely a low point. If you’re reading this, you have my permission to sell it, but I can’t guarantee anyone will buy it.


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