Jan 21 2013

I like you, Attention.

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The search for the perfect job continues! Here’s a company I love:

In December, Rick connected me with his good friend, Varun. Varun is great, and he’s one of those people that managed to get their first name as their Twitter handle so he’s pretty much famous in my eyes. Aside from that, Varun does business development and media partnerships at Foursquare. It was great chatting with him; I was able to get a lot of great info about working at a company that I feel is God-like in the startup world.

Prior to working at Foursquare, Varun was at Attention, a social media marketing and digital communications agency in New York City. Varun connected me with Amanda, Attention’s director of Beauty, Fashion and Luxury. Attention’s name is perfect for what they do. Every brand needs and wants attention, but this requires a lot of work that not a lot of brands can manage, so they hire Attention to do it for them.

Attention recognizes that the competition for consumer’s attention is great; and therefore understands that building and maintaining authentic relationships is key. They do this by “combining top-down and bottom up engagement to bridge both awareness and adoption, measurably and transparently.” Attention works with over 400 companies and are on retainer with many of the world’s largest brands, including some of my personal favorites: Barbie, Verizon and HBO, just to name a few. Check out their entire client list here.

Amanda and her Beauty, Fashion and Luxury team work with innovative companies full-circle through creating unique social media marketing strategies. The team helps with managing ideation, creating innovative social media campaigns, dealing with community management and fan acquisition, and carefully tracking social media trends. Attention gives a brand the attention they need the right way; by integrating data analytics, providing means of media production, content creation, and more, in order to make their partners the most talked about brands. Word of mouth is everything these days and Attention assures there will be constant conversation.

Attention would be an awesome company to work for because of their involvement with so many different industries and so many different companies within each sector. It would be great to find a position that would allow me to continue to emerge myself the way I’ve done so at Dashfire. I love the opportunity it presents because social media marketing and what I like to call “reputation management” is something I’ve had experience with through working with Dashfire’s portfolio companies.

That’s why I like Attention, and why I’ll be trying to get a job there.


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