Apr 10 2013

I like you, Bonobos.

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The search for the perfect job continues! This is one post of the series; where I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned, who I’ve talked to, and what I like until I (hopefully) get hired. Stay tuned.

Great customer service is the best way to acquire and retain customers. Bonobos is a men’s outfitter that demonstrates the definition of remarkable customer service.. which is one of the reasons I was so excited to visit their NYC office this winter. Rick, once again, connected me with an awesome person, Neerali Shah, who began working as a Bonobos customer experience rep out of college and has grown within the company since.

Bonobos calls their customer experience reps Ninjas, probably because they are the most kick-ass group of customer people out there. The company’s unique, innovative, ever-changing strategy is one that makes you never want to deal with any other customer service representative again. Through integrating over-the-phone, web, and online means, Bonobos’ Ninjas take the customer experience to the next level. By implementing an effective strategy that’s all about satisfying the customer, Bonobos is able to create long-lasting relationships and, in turn, lifetime customers.

A Ninja role would be a great fit for someone with a Communications Studies major/liberal arts degree. It’s a role that focuses heavily on what I’ve learned in school; building and maintaining relationships with clients and customers on a global level, customer acquisition, crisis management, consumption practices, writing, creative marketing techniques, etc etc etc. Outside of the classroom, working at Dashfire has given me hands-on experience with different startups, so I’ve had the opportunity to head creative marketing techniques. Through managing the social media accounts of  a variety of Dashfire’s partner companies, I’ve been able to increase awareness and turn first-timers users into (hopefully) life-long customers.
I’m interested in a Ninja role at Bonobos because it would be a great way to learn how a successful company functions from the ground up. Bonobos doesn’t implement a typical customer service strategy; therefore, Ninjas aren’t typical customer service people. In order to provide the best customer experience, your customer service representatives need to be fully emerged in all departments of the company, which is what Bonobos’ Ninjas do on a daily basis. In addition, Ninjas are given a lot of responsibility, and with that responsibility comes room for creativity. The Ninjas are trusted to make decisions they feel are necessary, which shows me that the company is made up of good, smart, people who respect each other’s decisions.
I really, really, really want to work at Bonobos because even though it’s not necessarily a startup (they’ve got over 150 employees), it still feels like one. Bonobos’ inspirational work environment is one that’s conducive to my learning style. I loved working at 1871, and now Dashfire’s new office space, because I feel welcome, comfortable, and inspired by the people around me. Because of this, I’m able to get a lot of work done.
Ok so.. what’s not to love? In addition to Bonobos providing customers with an amazing product and remarkable shopping experience, it’s employees with an awesome work environment, they provide potential employees (like me!) with the BEST interview process. Last Tuesday, I finished my application and sent it in. By Wednesday, I was contacted by a member of the team and by Friday, I had completed 3 Skype interviews. That easy. I respect Bonobos for this; it’s clear to me as an applicant that they truly care about building a great team. The experience I’ve had with Bonobos has been so enjoyable that even if I don’t get the job, I’ll still love and promote the company.
That’s why I like  love Bonobos.
p.s. Spring is here and Bonobos’ new line is sexy. You should visit Bonobos’ Guideshop at 845 W. Armitage if you haven’t already done so.


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