Dec 03 2012

Lunch With Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter

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Last week, I had the opportunity to hear Dick Costolo, the CEO of Twitter, speak at a luncheon hosted by the Economic Club of Chicago. Over 300 people attended the event including Chicago Blackhawks Chairman and owner Rocky Wirtz, Kellogg School of Business’ Dean Sally Blount, and Chicago Entrepreneurial Center’s President and CEO Kevin Willer.  We were all eager to hear how Twitter could impact our respective businesses.

In true Twitter fashion, questions from the audience were live tweeted and projected on the main stage. Topics ranged from the changing demographics of a Twitter user to the next innovation after the age of the network to how humor and unconventional marketing tactics are changing the way brands advertise (check out Taco Bell and Old Spice’s fued on Twitter as an example). One theme that kept reappearing throughout the discussion was the prevalence of sharing personal information. Despite constant warnings and frequent media accounts of the destructive consequences, Costello believes that youths are increasingly less concerned about sharing information publically and startup adoption of the Twitter API (i.e, having users login via Twitter) support their claim.  We agree – Twitter (and Facebook) provides us unparalleled access to insights, news, content, and updates populated by the social graph. If we have to part with our own information to access, so be it.”

Thanks Kevin Willer for the invite to the great event!


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