Jun 19 2013

Oh hi….

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My name is Sam Gold, and I’m the newest intern here at Dashfire. I’ll be a junior down at Libertyville High School next year. From a very young age I’ve been entrepreneurial in nature, and the opportunity to work with everyone at Dashfire was one I couldn’t pass up. I’m thrilled to get started in the Chicago tech scene, and this internship is the perfect way to get involved.

Although I’m just starting out today, I’ve known Dashfire and Rick Desai for almost a year now. In my free time I run a subscription commerce site for foodies, and Dashfire developed Yumvelope 2.0 (http://yumvelope.com) In the past I’ve done online selling, app development, and now Yumvelope which has been online for over a year now. The opportunity to work with entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and types of businesses will undoubtedly prove invaluable as I continue in business.

I’m not the writing type so that’s all for now, but look out for me next time you’re in the office; I’d love to chat!


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