Sep 03 2013

Please don’t do this.

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As you may know, my name is Sam Gold, and I’ve been interning here this year. You may not know that I also run a startup on the side—Yumvelope. Yumvelope is a monthly natural snack delivery service, and is currently a one-man operation. As I created the service and don’t have any employees, I go by Founder. Owner, president, or even CEO would also be acceptable. Here’s are some titles that are not acceptable:

  • Chief Happiness Officer
  • Chief Snackologist
  • Chief Selection Philosopher
  • Web Development Ninja
  • Chief Imagination Officer
  • Head Honcho
  • Top Dog (also, Top Dawg)
  • Director of First Impressions
  • Marketing Rockstar
  • Corporate Magician


I could go on, but I’m done ranting for the day. Thanks for listening.


  • Chathri Ali

    I enjoyed the rant. I totally agree!!


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