Oct 05 2012

Shout-out to Steve Jobs

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This computer was/is iconic. I remember when it first came out. I was 7, just learning how to use the older Mac desktop in my basement. I vividly remember thinking about how much cooler I would be if I got my hands on one, and when Elle Woods got the iBook laptop in Legally Blonde, I knew I would be cooler.

My brother got the first generation iPod for his birthday. The one with the scroll pad and 4 buttons around it. He wouldn’t let me touch it but he’d sit there all day playing some helicopter game. “1,000 songs in your pocket” capability and I was convinced he didn’t have 1. Still, he was cool.

I hit the jackpot a couple years later with the 3rd generation. A whole new model – thinner, the wheel didn’t click when you spun it, buttons on top, rounded edges. Classic. Bumpin’ songs like “Girls and Boys” by Good Charlotte and “Magic Stick” by 50 Cent while playing helicopter on the bus – I was cool.

In the years to follow, the newest iPods were always at the top of me and my siblings’ Christmas lists. iPod Photo, Nano, mini, mini in all sorts of awesome colors, red addition that is currently in a bag labeled “electronics” next to me, black one that held a ton of songs that my brother still uses to this day, shuffle, littler shuffle, littlest shuffle, iPod touch. We were cool and music was cool.

My Dad bought my Mom our first fancy Mac for Mother’s day. We went to the Apple store that had just opened by my house. It smelt like electronics – clean, crisp, white electronics. It wasn’t like going to Best Buy or something. It was special. White countertops, new shiny keypads waiting to be touched, cute nerds. It was Apple.

The computer is still in the exact spot where my Dad unwrapped it, where my siblings and I gathered around the second it was set-up to take pictures on Photobooth. It’s where I anxiously checked my email in 2008 and found out I GOT INTO COLLEGE! It’s where I updated my Facebook status: “Off to school – I’ll miss this town!” over four years ago, where, a month or two ago, I scrolled through pictures and came across my three year old brother making funny faces in Spongebob pajamas and wondered how he became ten years old so quickly. It’s the computer I used to Skype my family when I lived in Europe, making it seem as though I was in the same room as them. It’s the computer my mom is reading this blog off, and the computer she’ll send me an email from in approximately 10 minutes. Hi mom 🙂

From playing Sims on the Mac in my basement, to swapping iPods with my siblings throughout middle school, to documenting a semester in Europe all from an iPhone, Steve Jobs and Apple made life easier to live – and easier to remember.

Thank you, Steve, for making us feel cool, for creating a connection between an artist and fan, for making being away from home not-so-bad, and allowing my favorite moments to be saved.  10-5-2011.


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