Mar 06 2013

There’s No Such Thing As Mainstream Education

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Times have changed. College isn’t the only path to success anymore. In order to land a great job, you’ve got to stand out. “Getting another university degree doesn’t make you different,” says the NYTimes.

If you agree, get excited about Dev Bootcamp. 

Dev Bootcamp is a school for developers that originated in San Fran in 2012. In just over a year, Dev Bootcamp SF has graduated tons of developers who’ve gone on to work at awesome companies; Exec, Twitter, Groupon, LivingSocial, Hipmunk, and Thoughtbot, just to name a few.

DBC doesn’t just teach you how to code, but also helps you land you an awesome job after. On the same DBC students graduate, they attend DBC’s Hiring Day; where coders essentially “speed date”, spending 5 minutes with top tech employers. Afterwards, employers follow up with students they clicked with and move on to the interview process. Boom.

It’s the perfect model: combine the right students with great teachers in an amazing learning environment, teach them to code in a fast-paced, intensive 9 week course, and then put them in the hands of some of the best tech recruiters in the business. It’s quick, efficient, effective, and perfect for the right people.

So, are you the right person? DBC is looking for motivated and dedicated self-starters who want to learn basic coding and beyond. DBC’s head of Operations and former Groupon tech recruiter, Elliott Garms, describes students (or what DBC calls “Boots”) as “hard working and tenacious; they’re often seen struggling earnestly and relentlessly with a problem, just because they’ve got to figure it out. They’re resourceful; they know when to ask for help, and know how to lend a hand. They’re excited about startups and their future. Above all, ideal Boots really, really want to launch their career as a developer.”

Think you’re up for it?

DBC’s new Chicago digs are located in the heart of the startup scene, in River North on Hubbard and Orleans. The first class (which is already full) will begin on April 22nd, with a new class beginning every 3 weeks following. Spots are going quickly, so apply here.

Dashfire is excited about Dev Bootcamp because we love when new, high energy companies enter Chicago’s startup scene. We recognize that there’s tons of potential in Chicago and love seeing new talent emerge. Dev Bootcamp grads are exactly the kind of people we enjoy working with: they’re forward-thinking, self-motivated geniuses who like to think out of the box. In addition, Dev Bootcamp’s recruitment strategy is one we admire. It’s a mentorship program that we’ve yet to see at other developer schools who’ve come to Chicago. It’s not just about learning to code, but getting the perfect job after. Dev Bootcamp gives students great opportunities inside the classroom and out – which is awesome.

Video: CBS Chicago – Dev Bootcamp



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