May 30 2012

Version 1.0 – Why Entrepreneurs Should Launch “minimum VIABLE products” not “MINIMUM viable products.”

In 2011 Eric Ries rocked the startup world when he popularized a new approach product development in his book, “The Lean Startup.”  Core among the principles he espoused was the philosophy of pursuing a faster launch to market with the simplest, most direct and core product possible – or what he calls, the Minimum Viable… Read More

May 16 2012

Recent News at Dashfire

kWhOURS presents at Greenstart Demo Day! “KWhOURS hopes to reduce that expense by providing software to help companies make that assessment in a shorter period of time and with a lot less money. Boston-based kWhOURS, which started in 2009, is one of the start-ups that pitched at Greenstart’s Demo Day held in San Francisco on Wednesday… Read More

May 09 2012

3 (correct) Predictions Saved By the Bell Made About the 2012 Startup Scene

1)   wake-up 2) shower & get dressed 3) make a bowl of cereal 4) watch 1 ½  episodes of Saved by the Bell 5) leave for school Over my middle school and high-school years, I must have repeated that 5-step morning ritual close to 1000 times.   For many of my fellow “80’s babies” out there,… Read More

May 09 2012

Personal Board of Directors.

I was recently asked to join the board of directors…of my friend Sammy.  He calls it his Personal Board of Directors (PBOD) and I am responsible for career guidance.  I love the recruiting space and if I can be helpful to my friends re: resumes, interviews, and introductions, I will.  It is not your standard… Read More

May 09 2012

The More Time You Spend…

A common problem for start-ups is balancing a timely product launch with creating the perfect product.  Personally, product-storming with our start-up partners is my favorite part of  Dashfire (excluding a company selling for millions of dollars, of course).  But, while the conversations can be enjoyable, the ideating can quickly become interminable and detrimental.  Our mutual… Read More

May 09 2012

Customer Acquisition is Not a Field of Dreams

Originally posted on Jan 16th, 2012 Next week is the fourth edition of Tech In Motion** (TIM), an event at which a startup “pitches” its product, and panelists and the audience analyze the business.*  In November, I participated in TIM III as a panelist along with Troy Henikoff, CEO of Excelerate Labs, Bob Sell, a Partner for Seyfarth Shaw, and Matt Cobb, VP of Product of… Read More


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