Jan 06 2014

5 (FREE) ways to Increase Quality Web Traffic in a Week

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Many business owners view web traffic as a black box; below are five simple and proven ways to increase web traffic by real visitors in a week or less.



  1. Take a Stab at SEO—You don’t have to be an expert! Start by signing up for a free SEOmoz trial. You can then run an SEO optimization test on your website— within a few days, SEOmoz will provide a list of easy-to-understand suggestions. (Want access to our top-secret fifteen-page SEO doc? Reach out.)
  2. Content Marketing Done Right—I’m sure you’ve heard this before: you should start a company blog. When you do, do it right. As interesting as your holiday party was, you want to keep it relevant. Unless you’re Fortune 500 and the party involved dancing animals, you’re much better off providing industry-specific knowledge that will help a potential reader out. If your post isn’t making someone’s day better, it’s not worth publishing.
  3. Copywrite your email marketing—Odds are if you’re selling anything online, you already send out lots of emails. Take this opportunity to examine the quality of emails you’re sending out. If you take a page out of Appsumo’s book, you could be on the fast track to generating a bulk of all conversions through incredible copywriting.
  4. Get Serious about Guest Posting— The value of getting your content posted on industry blogs or other media cannot be overstated. Start out by looking for 5-10 of the “authorities” in your industry or brand category. Then, make a point of reading these blogs a few times. Within a couple of days, you should have a good idea of the type of content the administrators might be looking for. Send them a brief email, and try to set something up that will help them out. In the process, you might just help yourself get some new users.
  5. Twitter Marketing—If your brand doesn’t have a Twitter, it should. Twitter is perhaps the easiest way to reach out directly to potential customers. Try searching for keywords relevant to your brand, and “cold-replying” to questions or other tweets for which you think you could add to the conversation. If it’s relevant, include your website link! You’ll be surprised to see that most of your tweet replies will not only be read, but many times the user will reply to you and build a relationship.

BONUS: Link to your website in your email signature: All too often, the value of personal connections is underestimated. Link to your company in your personal email signature. This method is set and forget, and recipients might just get curious and click.


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