Sep 19 2012

First, get people to like you.

With startups popping up in Chicago at a rate faster than ever before, entrepreneurs must not only have a great idea, but have a following that’s willing to show the city, and hopefully, the universe, just how great their idea is. One of the first questions Rick asks entrepreneurs when they come to Dashfire for… Read More

Sep 13 2012

What I wanted from the iPhone 5:

Yesterday, Apple released their newest product: the iPhone 5. While all of it’s features seem to be upgraded, I, Alexx Miles, lover of iPhone, self-proclaimed know-it-all, and intern of devoted iPhone users, feel that they could have stepped up their game with a couple more features… The iPhone 5 should be waterproof. Not only am… Read More

Sep 12 2012

Gadgets: A Roast

1. Apple TV Normally I am a huge supporter of all things Apple, but this one thing I can’t seem to love. I got it for Christmas from my parents, who thought it was a great idea, “you can load all of your pictures on it, and when you have a party you can play… Read More

Sep 11 2012

9/11 & My Buddy List.

Note: I commented on a post a friend of Dashfire, Varun wrote about how quickly the news of Osama’s death spread via social media. I’ve added to my original comments in the post below A decade has passed since 9/11 and since then, our security and privacy has forever been altered.  As expected, our security measures are far… Read More


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