Jun 27 2012

What TechWeek Taught Us About Entrepreneurship

Here’s what we learned from TechWeek, about entrepreneurship: Believe so deeply in your idea that you’d do whatever it takes to see if it will work. Recognize that the worst thing that could happen is failure. Realize that most people don’t succeed, but have faith you will. Decide to take a risk. Ask for opinions. Don’t listen when people say… Read More

Jun 25 2012

Entrepreneurship is Legal Gambling on Your Career.

This past weekend, Chicago celebrated the annual TechWeek Conference at the Merchandise Mart.  The conference was full of successful entrepreneurs sharing their stories and the aspiring taking in every word.  On Monday, I attended Style 2.0: Lifestyles of the Fashionable & Web Savvy panel with Rick.   The presenters were Brian Spaly (CEO of Chicago’s Trunk… Read More

Jun 23 2012

“This is F*cking Incredible”

Said Matt Maloney as he accepted his Moxie for CEO of  the Year. I clapped, not only for Matt’s success, but for the tech community that has made Chicago become the city it is today and the city it will be tomorrow. If you’re a 21 year old college student, the word “free” is all… Read More

Jun 23 2012

Just came to say hello.

I’m Alexx Miles, Dashfire’s intern. I’m a rising senior at DePaul University studying Communications and Journalism, but for the summer I’ve transferred to the University of 1871, where I hope to learn as much as I can about the tech community. Networking is my thing, so if you’re ever in the office (which you should… Read More


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