Jul 24 2012

Bucketfeet are sweet.

I recently visited Jamaica where I met a local artist who’s name I don’t remember. After showing me some of his work, we got to chatting. He was passionate about his art, and confident that he’d be able to sell it overseas, but explained that he had no outlet to do so. I gave him… Read More

Jul 20 2012

Getting THE Internship

Be excited! Internships lead to jobs! Jobs get you money! Money is cool! College is fun, but only if you work as hard as you play. Ok so you’re pumped, right? Now, imagine your dream internship. Whether it be at a certain company, office space or in a specific field, find something you’re passionate about…. Read More

Jul 10 2012

Who Run The World? Girls!

Beyoncé said it best. I’ve been interning with Dashfire for about 3 weeks and have already learned so much about entrepreneurship, like, for example, the true meaning of girl power. Here’s a shout out to some of my favorite entrepreneurs rocking the Chicago tech scene: Kelly Kane & Hillary Sawchuck I first discovered entrepreneurs and… Read More


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