Aug 17 2012

Time flies when you’re having fun.

Yes, I’m talking about my summer internship coming to a close. Have I been brainwashed? Maybe. Am I mad about it? No. Would I do it again? Yes. Did you hear that, Dad?! I LIKE WORKING! In what felt like no time, eight weeks has come and gone and it’s my last day at 1871…. Read More

Aug 17 2012

Dear new iPhone 4s..

  Welcome to my life! I like you a lot. I’ve had many of you in the past, so don’t worry about dealing with a new user. I know that if I double-click the home screen all of your running apps will come up, and if I close out of them I’ll preserve your battery…. Read More

Aug 15 2012

“I just wanna, like, do social media!”

Says every college girl, ever. Ok, so, while saying “like” can make your goals/dreams/aspirations for the  future sounds a little silly, doing social media IS NOT. It’s one of the greatest things you can do for a company, especially a startup, IF you’re good at it. So, just, like, be good at it! I went… Read More

Aug 09 2012

How to create an ideal co-working space:

 Find 1 awesome building in River North Collect brilliant minds, as many as you can find Sprinkle them with kindness Place brilliantkind minds in awesome building Watch for innovation Add in 20 razor scooters, fridges of 312, and overpriced coffee Watch for success Consider lowering price of coffee Find someone to yell at the intern… Read More

Aug 06 2012

How CrowdNoize Plans To Rock The Music Industry:

Last week, Tech In Motion hosted an event at 1871, where CrowdNoize, a music-tech startup based out of 1871, spoke of their plans for the future – launching what they like to call “CrowdNoize 2.0.” Entrepreneurs including our own Rick Desai (autographs available upon request), Mike McGee of Code Academy, Tom Giles of Stage Bloc… Read More


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