Jun 27 2013

Just Start Something

This weekend, start a business.   You might think that there’s something inherently wrong with this statement: building a real business takes months, years even. This is often true, but you can come up with a solid concept and often a working prototype up for a workable business within a matter of days.   Try… Read More

Jun 24 2013

My brush with Internet fame and what Tumblr could do for you

Okay, Internet fame is definitely an overstatement, but I did make it onto BuzzFeed. Back in March, I was doing some online shopping between classes when I came across a video on American Eagle Outfitter’s website. It was supposedly an ad for their latest line of skinny jeans, which they touted as the skinniest on… Read More

Jun 19 2013

Oh hi….

My name is Sam Gold, and I’m the newest intern here at Dashfire. I’ll be a junior down at Libertyville High School next year. From a very young age I’ve been entrepreneurial in nature, and the opportunity to work with everyone at Dashfire was one I couldn’t pass up. I’m thrilled to get started in… Read More

Jun 14 2013

Better than a Google Internship

Maybe it was just a coincidence, but three days before I started my internship with Dashfire, the movie The Internship was released. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson land internships at Google after losing their jobs as watch salesmen; hilarity ensues. Hilarity might be a strong word (I’d give the movie a B: funny but not… Read More


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