May 31 2013

How Are Things Going?

Seems like a simple question. But as an early stage entrepreneur when asked this question in reference to my company “I have absolutely no idea” is the only answer can give with any confidence. Why? Because “It’s going really, really well” is a lie and anything I say through tears is too dramatic. There was a day… Read More

May 15 2013

What I’ve Learned

It’s been a year since I started interning at Dashfire. I went in to my first day thinking I knew a lot about startups and entrepreneurship, but when Rick Desai started talking about A/B testing, SaaS and the real difference between b2b and b2c, I nodded my head, went back to my desk, and Googled.. I soon found… Read More

May 10 2013

The Best Beer I’ve Ever Had

On Tuesday, I was watching the Blackhawks game at Pippen’s Tavern (great spot). A guy came to our table and said, “Hey guys, I work for Pabst, and I’d like to buy you a beer!” It was awesome, and even more awesome when we realized that he was buying the entire bar a beer. I… Read More

May 07 2013

Re-imagine Mother’s Day with Kangu

Stuck on what to get mom this Sunday? I was too, until I found out about this.. In developing countries, 800 women die each day from pregnancy and childbirth because they can’t afford skilled medical care and a safe environment. Fortunately, this can be easily prevented., an innovative new crowdfunding site, has identified local… Read More


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