Jan 13 2014

2 Painfully Simple Ways to Keep Your Customer Coming Back for More

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Many business owners spend their time optimizing CPA, or cost per acquisition. This begs the question: what’s easier than acquiring new customers? Answer: Reutilizing old ones.  Below are two strategies every e-commerce startup can try in minutes.

  1. Ask them about their old orders: If you have a quality product, odds are that the majority of your customers will be satisfied with any previous purchases. Anywhere from a day to a year after a new customer’s initial purchase, send out a quick email asking them if they liked it. If you use an advanced e-commerce tool like Magento, changes are this process can be automated, but I’d recommend starting out with a more personal approach. By getting your customers thinking about your brand and (hopefully) positive experience, they’ll be far more likely to come back for more.
  2. Know your products, and upsell accordingly: Sell footwear? Maybe your customer would like a matching shoe bag. Meals? Perhaps dessert/drinks might be in order. Whether at the point of sale or in a follow-up email, most brands have complementary products that can easily be combined to increase sales. This strategy is tried and true: Amazon devotes the area immediately below the product picture to a “frequently bought together” section. In order to incentivize the customer to purchase, try offering discounts or a “buy 2, get accessory x” promotion.

These strategies are clever not in their innovation: major retailers have been using both for years. What makes them clever is their underutilization by new e-commerce stores; in under a day, you could increase sales from existing customers exponentially.


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