Jan 22 2013

How to get in my gmail:

Email newsletters can be great, or they can be annoying clutter to your inbox. If you’re like me, you have an email for junk (Yahoo) and an email for not junk (gmail). Don’t make me Yahoo you, do this: Know me, as a reader and your target audience. Tailor the newsletter to your me in… Read More

Jan 21 2013

I like you, Attention.

The search for the perfect job continues! Here’s a company I love: In December, Rick connected me with his good friend, Varun. Varun is great, and he’s one of those people that managed to get their first name as their Twitter handle so he’s pretty much famous in my eyes. Aside from that, Varun does business development… Read More

Jan 18 2013

Have you heard about Grouper?

If you haven’t heard, Grouper is a startup based in New York. It was founded in 2011 by a guy named Michael Waxman and partners Tom Brown, Challen Hodson, and Kristen Badal. Since launching in New York, Grouper has expanded to cities across the US including Chicago, SF, Boston, LA, Miami, Philly, Seattle, Atlanta, Austin,… Read More

Jan 15 2013

Facebook & Your Business Sitting in a Tree…

K-I-S-S-I-N-G. But seriously. They’re a match made in heaven if business owner’s recognize the relationship’s potential. The L.A. Times posted about a recent survey that states: “About 49% of women surveyed (and 43% of men) said they began watching a show because their Facebook friends were talking about it on the social network.” Something tells… Read More

Jan 14 2013

I like you, Wakefield Media.

  The search for the perfect job continues! Here’s a company I love. I recently went to New York City and (thanks to John Tucker, VP of Member Experience at Trunk Club) I was able to meet Chris, Co-Founder of Wakefield Media, a super-rad media production company that works to connect the startup world on a global… Read More

Jan 11 2013

Finding a job

Finding a job is much like getting an internship in terms of how to approach companies. That being said, the process of selecting which companies you’ll approach is something that takes much more time and work. As a college senior, I’m in that process. For people who have been in this position before, it’s frightening and… Read More

Jan 01 2013

Dashfire Launch – FAQs

What criteria is being used to determine the finalists? Submissions will be reviewed by a group of judges composed of the Dashfire team and their affiliates. The criteria used to judge each submission will be based on the following: Feasibility: How well-developed is the concept? Is it a fully functional product, a completely thought-through concept… Read More


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