Sep 13 2012

What I wanted from the iPhone 5:

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Yesterday, Apple released their newest product: the iPhone 5. While all of it’s features seem to be upgraded, I, Alexx Miles, lover of iPhone, self-proclaimed know-it-all, and intern of devoted iPhone users, feel that they could have stepped up their game with a couple more features…

The iPhone 5 should be waterproof. Not only am I sick of having to get a new phone when a drop of water gets on it, but I want to take underwater Instagrams. I want to get caught in a rainstorm and be able to freely pull my phone out to get directions to the nearest shelter. Most importantly, I need to take my iPhone in the shower with me.

It should be able to hold as many pictures and videos as I want. I understand that 1,900 is a lot of photos, but limiting my ability to take more after a certain amount gives me anxiety. Do I miss this epic photo-op of a man dressed as a full-blown cowboy on the brown line, or do I delete that video of Coldplay at the United Center to capture it? Making me delete pics and vids is like making me delete a part of my life. I know I can upload them to my computer but IT’S JUST NOT THE SAME! I know you feel me.

I’m down for improvement, but the iPhone 5 should remember the good ol days of the original version with rounded edges THAT NEVER BROKE EVER. Rick saw first hand just how bad my last iPhone was damaged and took a picture of it every time he saw it. I don’t wan’t to deal with that kind of humility again.

The iPhone 5 should have a little button on the side that allows me to quickly and efficiently turn locations settings on and off. Rather than going through the Settings > Location > On > Open Foursquare > Type in really cool place that I want all my friends to see I’m at > Settings > Location > Off process, a simple click would make life much easier.

I’ve said it once and I will say it again, the iPhone 5 needs a longer charger. I would like this 3ft long charger to have a feature that only allows charging abilities to your iPhone (and maybe your best friend’s iPhone) so that all iPhone-charger-stealing people just STOP.

In addition, I’d like the iPhone 5 to be able to teleport me and/or my friends and family to me; to have a battery life that allows me to use my iPhone in it’s full glory, all day and all night, without running out; to automatically put my similar applications in their little box-homes right when I download an app. Also, I would like the iPhone 5 to be free for everyone who deserves it.

I have full faith that Apple will be able to grant my wishes for the iPhone 6. In the meantime, I will definitely be ordering the iPhone 5. I’m really jazzed about the new camera upgrades (HD FaceTime, Panoramic abilities, faster shutter, the ability to take a photo and video at the same time, Photo Stream capabilities). The 5th row of applications that will now exist on the iPhone 5’s larger screen will be a great addition to my home screen. It’s skinnier, and I dig the new color palette. The 21st night of September will continue to be a great day.

Check out the iPhone 5 here!


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